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Lynn is a <i>very</i> misfortunate girl. Her uncle goes abroad, leaving Lynn in an empty apartment, no cash, and no food. Facing eviction and the thought of sleeping in the streets, Lynn desperately searches for a decently paid job to pay the bills. Unbeknownst to her, there are weird things starting to take place around her. Suddenly Lynn hits gold. A good job offer, a cute outfit, and a handsome stranger who returns her purse... But somehow they are all linked to a mysterious young man that seems to be tracking her every move...and planning her next.

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FIXED *phew*

Alrighty, Alrighty.

All fixed.
the out of orderness, and the infamous missing page 37.
A quick thank you to Sharly (http://www.smackjeeves.com/profile.php?id=819) who told me that I was uploading too fast; hence the pages went whacko-crazy on me.

I will not be making that mistake again. Seeing as I haven't got to bed because I was fixing that problem.
it's 4:40am...

LOL, anyway, im really happy to see i already have 9 fans!!!! wowowowow, THANK YOU! Im sorry for all the inconvenience and frustration I caused.

Carry on.

Moved HERE!

alright, so do to some complaints (perfectly understandable ones) about how vintageLOVE was unconvenient to read on deviantart (http://lumikuu.deviantart.com), where VL first debuted, it was moved HERE, to Smackjeeves!

sadly, i realize after posting 25 pages..that...THE PAGES ARE ALL OUT OF FKING ORDER!
now how did that happen?????

ugh, now i must be off to fix it.

what a wonderful start.

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